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Best route to fix the exhaust rasp?

I've done a lot of searching, but I'm a bit confused about what I can do with my exhaust setup. My car is currently under warranty, so I can't do an O/R X or H pipe (I think? According to a dealer rep). I currently just have an Airaid intake and Roush axle-backs, but I'm still really bothered by the amount of horrible rasp around 3k RPMs. I've heard you guys talk about resonators of different lengths fixing the rasp, but I don't know what to take to my muffler shop to get this problem fixed once and for all. I wouldn't even bother with this, but with this engine and a 2.73 rear end I really can't avoid the 3k RPM range in normal daily driving. So every time I open it up I have to hear that really ****** rasp before the engine really screams. Can anyone possibly spare me a straight answer on what I need to bring the exhaust shop to get rid of this? I would really appreciate it if anyone could put in laymen's terms what causes and what would alleviate my exhaust issues!

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