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Just figured I'd add my 2 cents, I picked up my 2014 about 5 weeks ago just a base Gt with track pack and recaros. Since the day I picked it up when it is cold, sitting over night, it is extremely difficult to get into 2nd gear even third is a little rough. Once I give it 10-15 mins. to warm up seems to be fine. Don't know about additives but according the local techs this is considered "normal" for the MT-82. When I change the fluid I will try the additive just to see if it helps, since it down in the 30's here lately. It's sad in a way I still have my 2005 with the lowly TR-3650 and 130,000 miles on it never gives me a bit of trouble and works perfectly no matter how hard I lean on it. I guess there might be something to be said for where the metal comes from!
All 2014 any any 2013 built after 7/9/12 already has the additive.
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