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Originally Posted by GhostStang14 View Post
i didn't see that mentioned on AM with their GT500 lip and muffler kit. unless i missed it. im not sure if i like the raspy poping at the end would like to mellow that out but still have the loud sound it has.

the valence part is no problem since i work at a dealer i can get that half the price. from what you both have said i guess i need to measure the pipe, it looked to be 3 inch to me. not going the muffle shop route i did that with my last 2 cars and with DD's they rust out and fall off.

but thanks for the info.
That kit on A/M is listed for GT's not V6's.

The V6 has 2.25" pipes, the GT/GT500 has 2.75".

And the cut and weld sure shouldn't rust out, the oem pipe material is 409 SS, so if you cut the ends off the oem V6 muffler pipes and weld them onto the GT500 mufflers, the only possible rust would be in the welds if the muffler shop uses mild steel filler wire in their welder, and you could coat the welds with cold galvanizing compound or some other rust preventative.

Up to you, only other thing to do is buy something specifically made for the V6 car.

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