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Originally Posted by Mpaac View Post
Ever since I have purchased my mustang it seems almost every red light or open stretch of road there is someone asking me to race them. I'm not sure if it's because my car is blacked out or just because people think v6 mustangs are easy kills. Just this morning I had to put some little civic si in its place by putting at least 5 cars on him from a stop. This is just an observation I have made since buying my car, just wondering if it's only me or if it happens to others as well. Not complaining about this happening but I just find it interesting.
OMG! Thank-you! Someone who actually experiences what I go through everyday I drive; at least here near the university. Ever since my Mustang was "murdered", I get tailgaters and idiots in imports revving their engines at me while sitting in traffic on the opposite side. When I mean "murdered", my wheels are dipped, emblems are dipped, and tint is nearly limo tint.

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