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Originally Posted by zer0null View Post
Thanks Dan.

Next is axle back exhaust once I decide on the Borla Stinger or the Borla ATAK and I get 50 posts so I can get the AM discount.
Nice! I think I have the twin to ' your mustang. For what it's worth, if you don't like the white stripes at the bottom of the rockers, it peels right off. Grab one edge and peel back at an angle. It was the first mod I did to my car. Then a shorty antenna, then a shifter knob, etc. Next on the list are shorty headers, FRPP sport exhaust, airaid cai,
and finally rims and tires. I'm really having problems finding the right rims to go on a ruby red mustang. Chrome or machined? I don't like all black rims, there needs to be some contrast imho.

Anyways, nice 'stang!
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