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Originally Posted by Mpaac View Post
Just this morning a g37 raced from like 40-110 and I pulled on him pretty good. He rolled down his window and asked me why I don't show off my GT badges on my car and when I told him it was a 3.7 needless to say he wasn't to happy about being beat by a v6 mustang.
I think it's the fact that our car is murdered out gives other drivers the illusion that we have a 5.0L V8. Plus the dual exhaust doesn't help our case either. People don't know it's a V6 until they ask you. The G35/G37's are pretty chill here. I have to deal with FX35/FX37/FX50 assholes that tailgate me & "race" me.. I just chill and stay in the right lane.

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