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Originally Posted by tylerw225 View Post
Thanks! thats exactly what i looking for, more acceleration and torque. im trying to figure out and do more research about my warranty. i dont want to void it, which is why i want to get ford racing gears, and why i ask if a dealer would be able to give me a tune. im going to a dealer in Cincinnati this week so im going to ask, unless anyone works for ford. and with that said there is no way i am doing this myself, so how much will installation run me?
The available gear options that came from the factory are 2.73 and 3.31 for the V6. They won't be able to adjust the speedo to 3.73s for you. Call around to some well known speed shops in your area. Probably between 300-500$ for labor would be a fair price. If you have someone else do the swap and your rear end explodes (most likely will not happen, Ford will definitely not warranty your rear end.) The aftermarket component has to be the direct cause of the failure for Ford not to warrant your claim (in most cases, lots of shady dealerships out there). Most dealerships won't honor a warranty claim unless they performed the work, even if they are Ford racing parts. They'll toss it right back on the original installers.
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