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Originally Posted by TrinidadJones View Post
My 2012 has the problem with noisy bushings. If i were to purchase the Eibach Pro System Plus from would this fix the problem or no? If not what do i need to purchase that is AFTERMARKET to fix. Not buying any ford parts to replace from dealer. PLease help, it drives me crazy.
The Eibach Pro System Plus will replace just about everything on your Mustangs suspension. However, I'm not exactly sure if this is going to fix your issue. I would assume it will, however without knowing exactly what's making the noise on your current set up, I can't really give a 100% answer.

I think either way the Eibach Pro System is a great upgrade and you'll absolutely love it. If this system replaces whatever is defective, then it's obviously going to fix the issue! I would recommend pin pointing where the noise is coming from and go from there.

I hope this helps!


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