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My poor car has every issue listed by TSB!! I am not happy about it!!! Passenger side air bag sensor, lower control arms(replaced under warranty) and squeaking again(!!), AC module makes that horrible "tap tap knock knock " sound , if I'm turning left in a steady state turn , my rear end makes a horrible squeaking sound(!!!) worse when cold outside(!!), my front shocks squeak like an old truck over speed bumps, and my car makes this stupid batman symbol on the windshield whenever she gets warm (one track run is enough)and I turn the car off!!! I love the engine , but every thing else is driving me mad, and I don't have time to be without my car forever like most!!! My paint is scratched from some stupid kids throwing an egg at my car(!!), and I only have 26,874mi on my 2011 V6 premium!! On top of that ,my driver side window doesn't always go down all the way like the passenger side, and my passenger side panel containing the window control is starting to unglue itself!!!!!! Forgot to mention my shaker 500 passenger door speaker is possibly blown!! I am pissed!!! Literally every TSB that has been posted , my car has !! If you don't believe me guys , I'll make a vid this weekend and show you why if all you've got is the squeaky shocks , you should be happy, while I'm !! Love to see you wave a magic wand over this Deysha!!!
Well, PM me with your VIN, dealer, mileage, full name, and best daytime number, 1slowstangguy. Also, make an appointment with your dealer to have it diagnosed.

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