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Aux lamps control from the cabin

Originally Posted by dj2013 View Post
I'm looking at doing this to my 2014 V6 premium. I have the lower "fog" lights and would like them to stay on with the high beams. I'd like to know if the wiring is different or the same for this year model.
You can soon find using a 12v trouble light... At the fuse/relay module under the hood.. passenger side, next to the fender, Look for a dark blue lead/white tracer.. very thin @ about 22 ga. If you tap into that wire (a pin will do) and touch your 12v light (ground the other end of course)... you can safely check for the (hot) 12v coming off the relay on its way to ground. Note: your auxiliary lamps should light up as soon as you do this if the wiring code is the same as the 05-09s. Expect that they are. Have a go and let all of us know, won't you ? Thanks.

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