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OK.. I'm all in and done with my lamps control project now I've got my illuminating switch in place on the dash panel now and working nicely by having merely adding my secondary path-to-ground for the (foglamps) relay. Sure, I fused it (5A) but, heck, a 0.5A would do for, there's very little 'draw' off the relay coil. And hey.. now it's 'retro' ..just like a '65 Stang... ie no bells nor a whistle when I leave the lamps 'on' now. As for being for 'supposed' fog use, these project down nicely onto the ground out front... good for hilly terrain (where the 'high beams' point straight ahead or 'up' and 'out'). So these can virtually remain 'on' all the time and not have an adverse affect to oncoming motorists. As I believe I stated earlier, the lamps are too high to be really effective in fog anyway. BTW, no 'check engine' warning either with this in place now. See further down for the lead to test and connect to if you care to do this the way I did. Am including a photo (may have to be a Google subscriber to view it some have told me)
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