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Originally Posted by PW_Pony View Post
Kids today generally aren't interested in cars no matter what they are.
I see plenty of late teen early twenty somethings driving souped up cars where I live...I think it may be more of the sad economic reality of some parts of America these days...not a whole lot of free cash for pricey cars in the pockets of college grads in places these days. A lot of new Mustangs and Camaros around with 20-30 year olds driving...bunch of souped up Lexus, Mazda, Acura types around too. I sat behind two young guys in a sweet sounding 68 Camaro the other morning going to work...also sat behind some fellas in a hopped up late 60's Ford pickup yesterday coming home from work. I think it all depends on where you live and the job opportunities available these days...

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