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Sean Reilly
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Hello Bryan, The "New" Diablosport i1000 has had some Great Reviews (From what I have Read) , Now I myself happen to favor the SCT Company over Diablosport, as far as the actual "Hardware" is concerned.....
Now this is NOT to say that One Handheld Company is Better than the Other, as its just My Preference!
Now as far as "Bama" is concerned, they don't actually Build Handheld Tuners (They Do Happen to Print Their Name on Tuners though) But Bama is just part of the company "American Muscle" that Writes the "Tunes" that is then Loaded into Either a Diablosport or an SCT Tuning Device.....
Now as far as using a "Bama" labeled Handheld Device down the road, as far as Switching to Another Tuning Co. The Answer is YES, As long as you Revert your Car back to its Stock Tune (The Stock Tune remains Locked inside the Tuner) After reverting back to Stock configuration (Uploading the Stock Tune from the Handheld) You can then go and Buy a Tune from whoever you choose, i.e. Steeda, Brenspeed, BBR etc.

Now being that these Newer Tuners now hold up to 10 Seperate Tunes, I have heard of People Actually Having Multiple Tunes from 3 Different Tuning Companies!.....Would I Recommend This NO! As I think that you should Only Keep Tunes From one Tuning company Loaded into your Handheld at a Time.....But Im no expert, I just feel that you Work with only 1 Tuning company at a Time......Then, if you do decide to Switch Tune writers, I would Empty the other tunes (Of coarse you Keep that Companies Tune Files on your Computer) Before Loading Another Tune writers Files onto your Device.... But again this is just My thoughts....Keep in mind! If you do decide to order a Device through AM (Bama) Once you switch to Another Tuners Files, You will Lose Any Tune Powertrain Warranty (#8 Cylinder Protection For the Coyote Motored Stangs.) that Some of the Tuning companies Provide with Their Tunes!
As Far as Ordering the Actual Handheld Device, You just cant beat AM "Bama" as far as Price and Customer Service They Actually Write some Darn Good Tunes to Boot!.


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