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Sry for the delay guys. I was busy doing down pipe installs on 335i's. And let me tell you we are lucky with the amount of room we have under the hood. lol Ok so time for the recap. The first run was with heat soak so the car pulled out a couple of degrees of timing. Not to mention me bogging the launch and shifting slow. Lol The second run I kept the car off and pushed it inline till I got in the front of line. The second run I didn't expect the extra power and I spun all the way threw first and part of second. Now keep in mind those were my first two times I have ever been down the track. Also I after my second time down the track they closed cause of horrible fog. I think with a set of lowering spring and switching out these 3.31 gears. I will do much better. I could care less what anybody thinks about my times at the track or my dyno. I think I did good for my first time.

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See i really didnt want to seem as if I was trashing you and learning to hook up at the track can be an art form. Most of us were interested in a fairly clean run to see what your trap speeds were. Which is a true indication of what you are making for power to the wheels. Lackbof traction and nerves dont make for clean runs. Please dont take it as an insult, wasnt heading that way.

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