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I was in your same shoes 2 years ago. Was looking at a Hertz Rent-to-Buy 2011 Prem v6 Auto 30k miles for $18k before taxes. I was expecting it to be a decent driver but it drove real good, took it to a mechanic to dig for problems and even he was surprised at the upkeep and drive for a 30k mile car. He said all was good but he would not buy it due to the 1 year or less warranty. I was still going to get it but chanced upon a 2012 Prem v6 Auto with 20k miles as a rental for $19k before taxes from a dealership with the 3 year Ford warranty. I was all in, drove the Hertz 2011 v6 to the dealership and test drove the similar colored performance white 2012 v6. Looked the same, felt the same only difference was newer year, 10k less miles and the additional 2 years of warranty. This car was the absolute love of my life and is definitely one of the best decisions I have made. 6 months later and I was in a brand spanking new Black 2013 v6 Performance Packaged MT, heated seats with the acessories I wanted - in all honesty this car makes me a better person everytime I get into it. I have 10k miles on her and do not punch it much as as on the rental one. The rental was already broken into and consistantly giving 25-30mpg from the get-go, had to wait 7 or 8 months till I saw the same on the new car and now for some reason 24mpg is the new high but that is for another post. As phenomenal as the new car is the rental was great for the money and was broken into and ready to play out the door. From my experience with the 2 rentals I believe that the Mustang unlike most other cars has more tolerance to bad driving than most other cars and you will not go wrong if you cover your bases by checking maintenance records, accident records and have the 3 year warranty. I think around 15k miles used would be ideal but at $15k with 25k miles that seems like a sweet deal for a rental. I do not remember the distressed clear coat but I do remember taking extra pains to get her shining like new. I was offered 16k trade in value but showed them the before and now pictures and guaranteed the car would sell in 2 weeks if they gave me $18k. The car sold in 3 days and I still have mixed feelings about letting her go.

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