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I just ordered a set of Philips X-Treme Power bulbs for my car. I haven't received them yet, but based off of others reviews, they should be a noticeable upgrade over stock and in terms of lumen output, are pretty close to that of HIDs. I think they're something like the 2nd brightest halogen bulbs you can buy. The first are supposedly the Philips HIR2s or something along those lines, but I wasn't able to find any for our H13/9008 setup. In terms of a "white halogen" bulb, check out the Sylvania Ultrastars. They should be a bit better than our OEM halogens and the bulbs do have a blue tint to them which does give them that white HID appearance, however, the blue tinting does reduce output slightly.

I did previously have an HID kit installed, and while the output and look was great (incredible actually), you couldn't deny the obvious glare they produced. I tried different solutions to remedy the glare, but in the end, I went back to stock. I I didn't want to be "that guy" with the obnoxious lights. One of the first things my friend said was, "oh hey look, Sav got ********* lights." Now that my stock bulbs are a few years old, I'm looking forward to the Philips I have coming. Hope this helps.

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