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Going in for Creaking rear, whining trans, and CEL

So, I am back again (sorta forgot about AFM ever since the miata joined the family). Anyways, here is the problem... Every time I take off (slowly like normal take off) the left rear creaks... It started about two weeks ago. Now a friend who was in auto tech said it could be a strut mount. I had the LCA off about 3 months ago and the bushing is good and well lubed. Anyone elses LCA squeak.
There is a really tiny ford dealer in my town (I am in OK for school, Fred Harlan Ford in Okmulgee). I might go and since the I guess lead tech is also the service adviser (it seems like that when I got my oil change done). I am going in to get tires, and a check over everything (driving home DEC 13), and fix the CEL (same evap code), and look at this creaking, and also maybe take a ride and see what he says about the whining transmission.
I plan to be upfront and tell him it is tuned, and he will see the after market sway bars. I am at 32k miles so my B2B is running out so might as well.
If he comes back and says the LCA is the issue. Think it is ok to ask how he came to that conclusion?
IF he comes back and says it is my intake causing my very small evap leak. Is it ok to say another dealer found it to be the capless gas system and how he came to the conclusion that it is the intake (one dealer "fixed the CEL and the other said it was probably my intake but they were not sure).

I am now 19 (a few of you might remember when I was 16/17 and me picking up the car). I am 1600 miles away from mom and dad (mom is zero help... well yea and dad... probably has never made a Warranty claim on the 6 new vehicles he has bought)

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wants:no more issues
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