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Originally Posted by Raider Ritchie View Post
You asking him to explain his findings is perfectly ok! If I were you I'd contact Deysha here on the forum first before taking it in. She'll be able to escalate if necessary. Just send her a brief message with your issues along with your contact info, VIN# and mileage.

I too plan on bringing in my Stang tomorrow with similar issues. I have aftermarket parts as well and I must admit I'm a little nervous. I hope all everything works out for you. Good luck!
Thanks for the mention, Raider Ritchie! You are also more than welcome to PM me if you need me.

Originally Posted by mustangkid9234 View Post
Sadly this is not my first rodeo with deysha (actually forgot about her but good call!)... or warranty. I might go in and see if we can take care of it as is and then if they come back yea a strut mount is busted but you have LCAs so we wont cover it and then deysha comes in. This is a real small dealer (owner keeps a 2012 and 2013 personal boss 302s in the 3 car show room). So hopefully we can work together
Ooooohhh! So you forgot about me already, mustangkid9234? I see how you are… Let me know if you “need” me again.

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