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I've said it numerous times on this forum, but used/previous rental cars provide a potential huge value. The idea that you should not even consider purchasing one is ludicrous.
I purchased my 2011 V6 Premium Convertible in October 2011 with 24k miles on it. It was a former rental fleet car, was sold as CPO and included a Ford ESP warranty to 100k and was right at $20,000. This car had an original sticker price of $33,480. Other than the tick (which was fixed), an airbag sensor and a vert latch (both covered under warranty) I have had zero issues with the car. I do have a small clunk sometimes from the rear end that I'm trying to get resolved. The car looked almost brand new. The interior was spotless. There was one tiny door ding and a small scratch on the front bumper. I will trade that for $13,000 any day. We actually flew to Milwaukee from St. Louis to pick up the car and drive it home. Still saved money over a comparable local used car.
That being said, I would definitely have the car inspected or go through the Ford CPO process. If all checks out, no reason not to purchase it if it meets the value you need.

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