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Originally Posted by Chrisc321 View Post
How can you prefer a certain cai and tune if you're not even running a CAI and tune?

OP, I have the airaid CAI and an MPT tune. I'm pretty sure the consensus is that MPT is the MPT performance tune delivers the greatest gains. Not trying to speak for everyone but that's just my impression from doing lots and lots of reading.
I Started out myself with just a BBK CAI and it did nothing for power. Maybe a little more throttle response and it did make it louder. After I purchased an SCT X3 tuner with the hybrid, Street and Race tune from american muscle which were better than stock but nothing that WOW'd me! After reading all the posts regarding the MPT tune i decided that $75.00 would be worth a try and am I glad i didnt settle. I could barly chirp my tires before and now I have no issue doing a burnout well past 80km/h!!! (BTW I am running the stock 2.73 rear gear and haven't started data logging with MPT just yet)

For $75 its worth a try after what I personally have experienced!
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