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My dealer just did the TSB11-11-1 on my 2012 Mustang V6 because I was having issues trying to get into 1st gear. This TSB in Canada replaces the transmission fluid to XT-11-QDC but doesn't include nor have they heard of the XT-18 Additive. This TSB has improved my shifting greatly but I'd like to have this XT-18. Anyone know anywhere where I can order a bottle?
Have the dealer get the latest fluid chart from Ford. I'm going through a similar issue. The TSB is for cars built on or before 8-15-2011. Mine build date is 8-17-2011. I'm waiting for the Service Manager to get in touch with Ford Corporate about them paying for the work.

He also had not heard of the XL-18 additive. I asked him to pull up the fluid chart (should be from June 2013). For the MT-82 it has "see note 6". Note 6 below the chart states to add 27ml of XL-18 to any full fluid change. The chart for reference can be downloaded here: https://www.fcsdchemicalsandlubrican...f/mantrans.pdf

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