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Even if you would be able to fit everything into our cars, a person would practically need a donor car and a fab shop to make this possible. The entire electrical system (wire harness, computer units, dash), longblock and hybrid drivetrain would have to be put in.

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If you already have a 2011+ 3.7L V6 and want more power, I agree with comments above suggesting you add a blower or turbo, just note the limits of the stock pistons and rods.

Putting 3.5L Ecoboost Turbo stuff onto your 3.7L is a costly mistake, way too many changes to make it worth the effort. Better to just transplant a 3.5L Ecoboost from a F150, but even that is a BIG complicated & expensive effort, way beyond most do-it-at-home car guys. The rear-face-of-block and the motor mounts are the same, but just about every other thing is different. It can be done, but really, there are many cheaper and easier ways to make your 3.7L make the same power.

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