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I-1 Procharger would be perfect

The normal procharger kit is a great kit and at least someone is willing to pay as much attention to our cars as to the 5.0's. However, the new technology they have in the drive system of their I-1 series of blower would be more of a sweet spot for our low bottom end torque.

Apparently you can now have full boost by 2k rpm, and also have all of the benefits of the top end of the centri as well. It is like having a roots and centri blower at the same time. Now all they need to do is come up with the kit to bolt them up to our cars. I would be willing to bet that they might just do that.

They already have them for Camaro v8, challenger v8, and mustang 5.0. Would make these little v6s feel like pullied 03 cobras. Plus because the drive system of the blower backs down when you are not in the trottle, heat soak is minimal and goes away very quickly.

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