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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
ok intakes from anyone do VERY LITTLE for making power. theyre mostly a noisemaker.

a glorious noisemaker that makes your exhaust sound amazing. but a noisemaker nonetheless.

on these v6's tune is the biggest gain.

since you have a 2014 and warranty is a concern, i'd only go with a diablosport tuner as they are the only tuners that dont leave a footprint or time stamp i the ecu after you flash back to stock if you need to take i to the dealership for service.

id go with c&l tuning for your tunes over bama. doug studdard does all their tunes. he founded bamachips (bama performance) and was their best tuner before moving back to alabama and taking a job with c&l.

you can also buy just one tune there rather than 3 an get tunes for life on it. for 75 (beats 150). they also make a pretty good intake.

im running an afe power intake, best airbox of any ive seen. super thick, super beefy, looks amazing.
This has been visited so many is the video of comparisons. 2011 Mustang 3.7L V6 - Cold Air Intake & Bama Custom Tune Dyno Results - YouTube You will get the most out of the CAI with a tune. Just a CAI is power up top vs power throughout the band with a tune. A tuner would be the best first choice if you plan to mod more in the future.
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