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Originally Posted by Vsix View Post
Everything you said is correct and almost similiar to what I think, except the one thing though... to go back to fox body. In my oppinion Ford should have considered the 99-04 body! My biggest wish woukd have been Ford would just revival the old 99-04 design at best the 03-04 body!
Eventhough Im lucky to own a 2013 model and am aware of this and really happy about...there is still something about these 2003-04 cobras that gives me a thrill, over all cars on the market.
Considering me as a real due hard stangenthusiast, if Ford had did an 03-04 cobra revival the sales wold have went ballistic! Everyone would have wanted the mystic cobra!
Honestly no electric gadgets, the way they came equipped in 03...brand new in 2015 and I wouldnt thought twice about it if or how to get this baby home! :-)
My dream....aaaaah...
Oh yeah, imagine a modernized and redesigned 03-04 Cobra?
Awesome looking cars!

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