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Originally Posted by DonJuan692006 View Post
Have the dealer get the latest fluid chart from Ford. I'm going through a similar issue. The TSB is for cars built on or before 8-15-2011. Mine build date is 8-17-2011. I'm waiting for the Service Manager to get in touch with Ford Corporate about them paying for the work.

He also had not heard of the XL-18 additive. I asked him to pull up the fluid chart (should be from June 2013). For the MT-82 it has "see note 6". Note 6 below the chart states to add 27ml of XL-18 to any full fluid change. The chart for reference can be downloaded here: https://www.fcsdchemicalsandlubrican...f/mantrans.pdf
Originally Posted by FordService View Post
If the TSB does not call for it, Im guessing this is why it wouldnt be covered, ddtmoto. Your service manager will need to check into that for you.

Deysha, did you see this post and the linked PDF? Ford is stating that for a total fluid change on the MT82, you need to "add 27mL of XL-18, MT-82 Transmission Additive." To me, that means that Ford needs to add the XL-18 any time they do a total fluid change. The TSB tells them to change the fluid, this document is telling them what fluid(s) to use.
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