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Originally Posted by mustangkid9234 View Post
1. the eibachs made it handle flat as anything... blew out a rear bushing on the bar but i think install error.

2. the whole stiffer will make ride quality worse is sort of not true. Look up Xida club sports miata... they typically run 700/400 inch lb springs and the ride is MUCH better then stock. Reason being the shock is matched to the spring... again those are 2k coil overs.
I am still in the process of learning suspension geometry and shock dynos and such... but I would seriously look into a matching set up.

If you want to get real serious some koni yellows and ground control sleeves (for corner weighting) and matched springs will help.
I am not sure on mustang geometry and can only speak for miata stuff. I would talk to a sharad or someone who specializes in mustang suspension (sadly I dont think AM qualifies). And races it.
Mustangkid, I see you have the eibach adjustable sway bar kit. What's the difference from those and the fixed kit, like the purpose of adjustability? On AM, they sell the fixed one for more, yet it seems the adjustable ones offer more for a cheaper price. Also where can you find the adjustable ones because it's always sold out on AM.
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