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Thoughts on the XL 18 additive

Originally Posted by Rorysbrown View Post
The Hallmark Ford Service Manager checked with Ford and they came back stating to absolutely not use the XL18 additive. Apparently, the TSB says not to use any additives. In my case, getting into first gear is my problem. Through the efforts of the Canadian Ford Rep through this forum and probably my Hallmark Ford Service manager, Ford has authorized the replacement of my 1st Gear Synco and/or 1st Gear cluster to see if this will fix my issue. Hopefully, this will solve my issue. Thanks to Ford for having Reps in this forum to help out customers.
Seems like the new trans fluid directive was written significantly after the TSB and would end up modifying the earlier TSB. Existing additives were not part of the solution at the time of the TSB but apparently are now. I will let you know how this all plays out for me with my dealer. I had the same issue on my Pantera and the friction modifier helps the syncros operate like they were intended. We ended up adding a friction modifier to get rid of the same notchy shift on our own because there was no warrantee issue. It was a little different in that case because it was a trans axel and the friction modifier helped the posi unit as well as the syncros in the trans. It was basically the same issue I think. I will add the XL 18 even if I have to pay for it as long as it doesn't affect the warrantee.
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