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Originally Posted by Jazzcat View Post
First time I heard the P-zero referred to as a starter tire. It is reputed to be a quality tire. What do you suggest is a longer life/higher quality all season?
I agree that it is a quality tire. They are very sticky when new, but since those tires are made with relatively soft rubber (which is why they are nice and sticky,) I only get 9K to 14K miles out of a set, depending on how much canyon driving I do. (That's why I congratulated you.)

I'm not suggesting any tire to anyone. Everybody drives differently and has different needs. The Hankooks I replaced my Pirelli's with only have a 200 treadwear rating, so they'll need replacing soon too. Tires with higher treadware ratings, like 500, will be more expensive, but might be a better value.

I have not yet tried Michelin SuperSports, but it sounds like a lot of people on this forum like them a lot.

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