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Shaker 1000 system with aftermarket head unit -subs cutting out. Please help!

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the site and was hoping that somebody might be able to point me in the right direction. This one has me scratching my head...

I have a 2007 mustang GT with the shaker 1000 system in the car. (2 factory 10 inch subwoofers in the trunk, 2 factory 8inch subs in the doors, 2 factory speakers front and 2 rear)

I purchased the car with a very nice aftermarket kenwood double din head unit already installed. It all sounds great, until your volume hits about 25 or so, then all of the subwoofers cut in and out repeatedly until you turn the volume back down under 25 then it sounds great again ( subs come back on and stay on). I have played with every setting In the radio, every equalizer setting, every crossover setting and still the same issue. I have asked around and have gotten different answers from bad ground wire, to needed to add another power wire, to needing an equalizer. I have basically have gotten answers all over the board which doesn't help me narrow this problem down to tackle the issue at hand. Not really sure where to even start with this problem. It all functions 100 percent and sounds great at a low to med-high volume. But as soon as you go above a 24-26 volume the subs are in and out. You can hear it "pop" when all 4 subs cut out. I would think that a shaker 1000 system should be able to handle this volume hands down. A 25 volume with the windows down driving down the road isn't even loud enough.

Any help, ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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