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Originally Posted by csmhowitzer View Post
It's an interesting question. I think the fifth generation mustang could sell over in europe but it sounds like Ford wants to sell in asia and china especially. The untapped markets it sounds like. Untapped by Ford that is. I think they're aiming for luxury + fuel economy at an affordable price and still have a lot of power. I would brand it as one upsmanship to european sport cars.
That makes sense, but giving that the tax rate for imported cars into China is so high, I don't see this car succeeding there with it's sticker price. When I was in China most of the cars were fake knock-offs actually, and other Asian countries I visited relied more on motor bikes and public transport. But they must know something we don't. I just hope this wasn't a desperate move to get the Mustang off of life support.

Maybe Ford is just getting cocky and taking risks since they're doing so well at the moment.
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