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Originally Posted by 5.0 Candy REDCS View Post
Quoting Daysha's partial post above;

I tried with XL18 in the part # search, and it came right up, stangheat. You guys can now order it from here.


p: 800.392.FORD

Daysha, Can us guys in Canada also order "XL 18" from the same site you just indicated above, OR just simply relay this info to our Canadian dealers and let them track this product down through Ford Canada...
As temps get lower up here, I have been noticing a greater effort engaging 1st to 2nd with the nibble coming's a disheartening grind slipping from 1st into 2nd, no matter how I try to slip into that 2nd gear...10 minutes of driving, and it starts to calm down, till the next cold start (regardless of starting up and letting the car come into operating temps) I usually don't start to drive until I start to get a slight hint of heat blowing through the heater...which to me, indicates the engine is well on it's way to reaching it's operating temp.
Any advice you may have for me in this regard, and my service advisor at Donway Ford would be highly appreciated.
If you would be so kind as to touch base with the service manager at Donway Ford and bring him up to speed on this one, would not only help me, but a ton of other Mustang owners that use Donway Ford as their primary service provider for all things, Mustang service.
Thanks ever so much for whatever help you can accomplish in this regard.
I think the only real away around that in those cold temps is a 1-3 shift or starting in second. One trick I do that seems to work for me is to make that cold 1-2 shift at or below 2000 rpm. Be interesting to see if the so called "improved" MT82 in the 2015 experiences this problem.
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