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Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
Very true. But as you personally found out during the old knockdown dragout MT-82 battles back in 2011 those two blind dudes usually had a way of dragging everyone else into the fight with them and then all sorts insults and attacks ensued. I seem to remember you getting busted for fights that you did not start, but got dragged into by others. Isn't that what drove you off back then to begin with? That and the fact that you sold your car because Ford didn't fix it? (not knocking you for that, just an observation).

Yeah, I'm the new Mod, but I'm not new here. Don't let my join date fool you either, I lurked for many years before I signed up (I didn't have a Mustang so I had nothing to add before then).

I'm not about to let this section degenerate into what that had become a few years ago.

I got knocked around pretty hard (very hard, insulted, infractioned and even banned) but in the "other guys" defense, I egged on or even started a few of those battles. I was CONVINCED that 1 out of every 3 or 4 owners would end up having major problems, and im man enough to admit that while the problems have lingered, my predictions were more dire than the reality turned out to be.

I think what you are referring to was the argument that "its the drivers fault" being flung at those of us with problems. Completely ignroing the fact that guys like me (for example) had a 2005, a 2010 (not just jsut one, but TWO 2010s) and a 2011...

Also ignoring the fact that the car drove like a DREAM above 50 or 60 degrees. I suppose their big "logical ah ha!" was that i had some rare medical condition called "cold clutch foot" that affected the driver when the temperature dropped. I looked it up in the medical books but couldnt find it.

"The rest of the story" played out like this: I wanted a boss but it had the MT82 also. I looked at shelbys for a couple years (still look at them once in a while) but not in the budget. Considered a 12-14 automatic but decided to wait for the redesign.

I have pretty much resigned myself to getting an automatic in the next go around, ill never touch an MT82 manual again on principle. Im now "ok' with being the old dude with an automatic mustang.

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