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Originally Posted by percy072 View Post
They're actually not that bad...depends on how much leather content you want. A full interior could start at approx. $700-$800. The one in the photo is $779.00 and they can also reproduce brick red, saddle or go custom two tone etc...if you install yourself it's really not a bad deal considering how drastic a change it makes

Why would this thread have been moved...V6 & V8 same interior and stereo!?!?
You're referring to, which I said isn't as bad. Its right around where you said, 750-800$ for custom leather set. Katzkin is what he is referring to, which is very expensive. I have found OEM sets as low as 550$ on ebay, which isn't bad, but if I did want custom 750-800$ isn't terrible.

And I'm not quite sure why my thread was moved, I did not think this was tech related, since I wasn't asking for advice on how to install or change anything, just suggestions on quality upgrades.

Still wish someone knew about a good Bluetooth/nav head unit I could use that wouldn't mess anything else up

And thanks for the suggestion, not sure what Dynamat is but i'll research it.

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