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Originally Posted by 5.0 Candy REDCS View Post
Thanks for the response Bianca, I guess I can get in touch with Barry at Donway Ford (service manager) and see if he's even aware of this new additive. Last time I took it in for basically the same complaint 1st/2nd gear grind, they replaced the tranny oil with the lighter viscosity, and that somewhat improved it possible the replacement oil has already worn out?
If you could escalate this for me with Donway Ford, attention Barry, and bring him up to speed regarding this new oil development, it would be greatly appreciated.
I know some of the members here, choose to start rolling off in second gear during the cold snap, I'm just a little concerned what effect that has with escalated wear & tear on the clutch and syncros...I much rather drive off starting in 1st...I usually change into 2nd at well below the 3,000 rpm, especially when car's still cold ( although at start up I DO allow it to somewhat reach warm operating temps; till warmish air starts coming out the heater).
If you need me to forward you any info regarding my car, please let me know what you need and I send it to you.
Thanks Bianca :-)
Please pass my warm regards to Daysha is you happen to speak with her, thanks.
Hi Mario,

Message relayed to Deysha!

Were you able to talk with Barry? I'd like to escalate this but we'll need to get you an appointment at Donway, first. Once that is done, please send me a PM with your VIN, odometer reading, full name, and best daytime phone number so I can send this up the chain.



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