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Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
We seem to have already established that there are many who love the new Mustang.
We seem to have also established that there are many who do not.

That is fine, no in fact that is great that we have a diverse membership that are able to think for themselves.Both sides of the issue have very valid points as to why they like, or do not like the new Mustang. I encourage that both sides to keep sharing their views.

Now, here comes the but:

It is absolutely in no way, shape, or form, for one member to attack another member for their views on the new Mustang.


post# abc123: I really hate the way the front end looks just like a Fusion, its the ugliest thing to come from Ford since the Pinto.

post#abc124: I disagree, Joe, I like how Ford has stepped up and extended their brand identity to the new Mustang-and wow that interior is awesome, its the best looking car ever in the universe.

post#abc125: Wow that is the dumbest thing I ever heard (etc etc etc)

post #abc126: Well you have absolutely no taste op-anybody who doesn't bow down to the new car obviously doesn't care about Mustangs (yada yada yada)

Obviously the first 2 posts are acceptable, the following 2 are not. It doesn't have to be a direct attack to be considered one. Its just as bad to say "anyone who doesn't like the new car is just butthurt because they bought older ones and they are idiots anyway" as it is to say "Joeblow, you are a moron, you have no idea what you are talking about, only an imbecile would like the fusion front end (yada yada yada).

And unfortunately for ME I get to decide if an attack has been made or not.

I have been letting a few things slide the last two days hoping everyone would get this unease out of their system and then we would go back to normal, which has been pretty good the last few months. Well no more-from this post forward I am going straight to points, no more warnings. Yeah, I know that's going to make me about as popular as an NFL ref throwing the flag for roughing the passer because a defender breathed in the general direction of a QB's head. It sucks to be me, I guess.

So to reiterate: Attack the post, not the poster.

Thank you for reading, that is all.....

THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS! It´s not an easy task at all what you do.

There are several of us that actually lurk many of the sub-forums because we either own or just like other Mustang generations, and this site is for ALL Ford Mustangs, and sometimes its insulting to read some posts.

All of us are entitled to our opinions and to like or dislike whatever, but that doesn´t mean attacking others or posting "hate threads"

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