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ha I definitely understand nerve racking, my first street experience was terrible i nearly stalled it on my launch, but now that nearly every redlight is a tree to me, my street launches are awesome! Thats why i say get out and drive. I go out every sunday for a power cruise, its just me my pony and tunes, and I drive, I drive like I mean it (obviously with out getting to extreme) but I literally practice every Sunday for 4-5 hours I'm on the street driving. But I would seriously invest in a short throw, they do exactly that, make your shifts shorter and smoother and maybe even an exedy stage 3 clutch, idk if you drive it on the street or daily, this is a very stiff clutch so it won't be fun to drive in traffic but on the strip itll help you get that clutch to the ground and know to shift because you can feel it engage and you have to slam it to the floor so you know when you have it all the way in
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