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Originally Posted by jlbell4444 View Post
Deysha, so there are new publications that postdate the June document? Do they specifically say not to use the additive now?
Originally Posted by TheEddie87 View Post
So there is now documentation stipulating that this additive is to not be added? I was just about to order a bottle when I read your most recent post...
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I was told from another Ford service representative not to put the XL-18 ....Chart says yes but no one at dealership and some reps at Ford have never heard of it...and now chart has changed. I want to add it but also want a warranty. Very very frustrating and disappointing...and confusing.
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How is this supposed to make anyone feel better?
The people that may not now use it don't get the considerable benefit that it offers.

Those of us that have used it are left wondering what harm it will cause and who will pay for it. Ford must have found it harmful, why else would they have discontinued it? It certainly helps. My transmission is night and day better with it

Explanation please.
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While this latest info is a bit confusing, I don't feel that just because they aren't using it anymore, doesn't mean there's not a real benefit to it. There may be something else in the works, who knows.

I'm not going to get too bent out of shape over this latest announcement.
Originally Posted by HowellDoug View Post
The problem is I've yet to get confirmed that my MY vehicle does or does not have it from the factory. In my situation, kind of a moot point, as I swapped out the fluid for Redline a while back, and frankly it wasn't any better than the oem fluid (and modifier, if indeed installed.) I figure I have nothing to lose by swapping it out again.
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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! New info/correction/final word!!

As per current work shop manual and service publications, the XL-18 is no longer used. The mentioned chart has not been updated on the site since June (as per the bottom right corner of such: Version 3.7 / Published 6/2013).

You may all breathe again. I hope this helps.

Hey guys,

The change to the XT-11-QDC fluid occurred on 8/15/2011 the XL 18 additive began on 7/9/2012. Keep in mind that all manual transmissions will be more difficult to shift when cold and the transmission should be allowed to warm up bit (a few minutes of driving depending on the temperature) before attempting to shift the transmission aggressively.

The info I posted above was to clarify, the previous statements regarding XL-18 “must” be added when replacing the transmission fluid.

Once again, if you’re experiencing any concerns with your vehicle, be sure to visit your dealer for full diagnosis and let me know the outcome.

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