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Originally Posted by Mustang2011 View Post
Okay guys my goal is to get my 98 GT into the 11's, right now its best is a 12.1 I am having a hard time getting it to hook up out of the hole. Its a auto with a 3000s rpm stall converter. I do have slicks on the car. I don't spin any when I floor it but if I try to use the nitrous out of the hole she wont hook up. I was thinking lower and upper control arms will fix this problem. Do you think that will be enough or not? If not what else should I look into? I am trying to do it the cheapest way possible being that I am pretty much a broke college kid haha. But we all know you got to spend money to go fast.

Thanks guys and have a Merry Christmas.
Originally Posted by EtnRicers5.0 View Post
upper and lower control arms will definitely help! I'd suggest some kind of drag springs up front with either Lakewood 90/10 struts or some Strange adjustable struts up front to get some good weight transfer. That should also help get her to hook

^^What he said.

I'd go with these control arms:

79-04 Mustang Pro Street Adjustable Control Arm Package

These springs:

1979-2004 Ford Mustang UPR Pro Series Drag Launch Springs by Eibach - UPR Products

And these shocks and struts:

1979-1993 Ford Mustang Strange 10 Way Adjustable Shock S6000EM - UPR Products

1987-1993 Ford Mustang Strange 10 Way Adjustable Strut S6001EM - UPR Products

It will hook HARD with this setup.

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