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Running all those wires through the car probably wouldn't be too much fun to be honest with you.

What I did with mine (I have a fox, not an SN though) is I put my amps in the trunk and just ran a 9-wire (if you dont know its just a 4 gauge size cable with 9 wires in it, 4 sets for the speakers and a remote turn on for the amp) from the back to the front and connected that to the harness connector which just plugged into the stock radio harness. The only issue with mine is that for some odd reason the +'s and -'s for the pairs of speakers weren't next to each other so I had to do a little bit of mismatched splicing to the connector.

I would suggest calling crutchfield as well for any help, they also have all the information for the sizes of the speakers if you need it.
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