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I've got that headunit in my car, and its a good unit, but holy hell is it confusing to use. I actually had to download the manual onto my phone just so when something happens I know that I can just look into it and find out how to use it. Now granted I don't really use the radio at all (why would I when I've got 2 aux connections?), but setting the radio presets is a massive pain, and I hate how the tune and seek are the same buttons, so you have to set it to manual tune so when you tune it it'll work as a regular knob instead of switching between presets and seeking.

If you don't already have the subs I would look into the JBL GTO804's. 8" sub, 200W RMS, 800W peak, its a loud little sub. I've only got one and theres a lot of bass, and they are cheap (I got mine for 50 bucks off amazon).
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