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Originally Posted by j12racer View Post
Yeah i finally pulled the trigger on some goodies. Alot of you guys will disagree with my choices but o well its what i wanted and if i need to change out the exhaust (or anything else) later on or whatever i will. My 06 gt is completely stock right now (until i receive my order from AM) and needs to breath. Its about a 70%strip/track/fooling around and about a 30% daily driver kind of car, so i wanted loud and ballsie .

I ordered the following from american muscle for a great price.

Pypes o/r h-pipe
Pypes muffler delete axlebacks
Billet shift knob
matte black hash marks (left side only to see how it looks
LiveWire tuner

Im gonna go nuts until i can put my hand this stuff!!!!

Very cool! That's a great build list. I love all of the mods you went with. This will definitely let your Mustang breath, make it loud and pick up some good power!

Definitely let us know how everything works out, we'd love to check out your build when its complete!


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