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I admire the hell out of the 13 and 14s but below is some food for thought for those agonizing over the 13 and 14 who could prob get an 11 or 12 today.

FWIW the rwhp difference between a bolt on 11-12 and a stock 13-14 is about 50hp (540-550rwhp (average on 2011-2012 w bolt ons) vs 580r 590rwhp on stock 2013-2014s). I got these numbers directly from vmp tuning on the GT500 forums and they have dynoed enough to know.

Given that the 11s and 12s go for 20k less than the used 13 and 14s.

I have heard the super tall gearing in the 13 and 14s kinda sucks, can't idle around in a parking lot without constantly slipping the clutch and can't use 6th unless you are goin over 70+. Along with this comes my dislike for need to run without a grill and the addition of even more maintenance parts ( weight adding diff cooler, a tranny cooler, and larger 4 stg intercooler, extra fans etc.) On top of all this motortrend got a better slalom time and a lateral g out of the cheaper 11 and 12s.....I assume due to being lighter and or being a little easier to manage with the shorter gears and lower power (remember the tires and wheel sizes are unchanged)

That fact that Ford used the same aluminum block and thinned out the walls to go from 5.4 to 5.8l and then declared the car" at its max" also gives me pause about its long term potential. ..especially if modded to get more thsn that 590wrhp.

The things I WISH I had was the adjustable epas (available on the 12),the adjustable shock dampeners (to make the ride more livable on the streets!- available on the 13 and 14s) and the launch control (because I'm a poor example of a drag racer-available on the 13 and 14s) and the upgraded 8 piston Brembos with better cooling vents-available on the 13 and 14s, but not needed for a DD)

Given my above concerns and cost, I were a full on performance guy looking for the" ultimate" shelby I would probably CHOOSE a 12 GT500 svt, change the blower to the 2.3 TVS, add a heat exchanger, McLeod xrt clutch, tri'-ax or MGW shifter, one piece carbon fiber drive shaft, upgrade the brakes, wheels and tires, swap out the rear diff for the torsion model and go BACK to the 3.55s, get an exhaust and call it a day.

Way cheaper and faster than a 13 or 14 and you don't have to worry about that block being bored out.

You'll be missing a few bits over the 13/14 such as the diff and tranny coolers, larger intercooler, adjustable shocks and launch control though. Granted....these are no small" bits" but these bits woukd have required another 4 to 5k in costs on the track pack as well.,,

For those looking for a DD that want a full warranty and or a lightly driven collectors car though there is no doubting the 13 and 14s however. I doubt I'd even get the track pack for such a car (unless you are thinking of making it a collector).

Don't flame me.....this is just food for thought

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