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Originally Posted by Allentown View Post
It I were looking that hard for an oem track car there Is no way in hell I would chose a z28 over what ever track version Ford puts out on a 2015 model.

3400lbs, IRS, around 440hp, fords modest upgrade model (brakes and a stiffer suspension/ cooling) Will literally stomp the meanest most stripped down camaro pig Chevy can produce.

Ford has figured out that high 400s in these cars is about all you need and the rest of the performance improvements is going to come from weight reductions and suspension. Yea, a Shelby got round a track faster than a Boss for a few laps. Make that boss another 200lbs lighter and give it irs and see what happens....neither the zl1 nor the z28 will touch it.

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The question you have to ask yourself is are you willing to pay Shelby prices point for a Track ready Mustang equal to the Z28. I'm only saying this because Ford compromised a lot on the Boss. It was a streetcar that worked pretty good on the track. Same could be said of a Track Pack GT since it's not very far off from a Boss. The Z28 is a track car that can be driven on the street.

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