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Originally Posted by PW_Pony View Post
Yeah a kill in the quarter. But not a road course or auto-x. (That's where the real fun is, btw.) I don't know if you've noticed, but drag strips aren't doing very well these days. Many are struggling to keep the gates open. Road courses on the other hand are doing much better. Struggling a little, yes, but still doing much better than drag strips.

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Difference though is there are drag strips everywhere road courses aren't. Lets be truthful street racing either from a dig or roll is most popular and involves a straight lines. Why do you think drag racing at an actual track is down? Straight line performance is way more important to us Americans still. After seeing the price of the z28 and then reading all the camaro guys say its at a good price made me laugh. They were even happy about the thought of paying 75k plus taxes and dealer mark ups for around 100k. Come on now that is a pipe dream if you think the people that will buy that car actually race and drive them. I'd bet 90% will go straight to a garage and sit in a collection. If they are driven at all will be to only car shows or cruises.

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