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Originally Posted by ironrails View Post
40-45k mustang that is legal to race is several classes vs 100k camaro that isn't legal to race in almost all sanctions aren't really the same. You see people driving and racing bosses all the time. They are actually pretty popular to drag race too. Chevy came out and said that the z28 isn't safe to drag race. So 100k Camaro with no A/C that isn't legal to road race and chevy said isn't safe to drag race. Cool car and concept if it was priced somewhere near the Boss. It was by far my favorite looking Camaro and i would have got the a/c option but wow the price is way out of line. At that price they have made the car pretty undriveable.
Originally Posted by F91 View Post
I've actually seen Boss 302's at track events. Black fire: I will buy you a case of beer if you ever see a privately owned new z28 at a competitive event.
I'm with you guys I do not expect to see any Z's at any track events short of an open track day. It is a look at me status car more then anything. Just want to add that I have never been a 5th Gen fan. After driving my brothers SS I knew a Mustang would suit me better. But the Z28 is only Camaro I would consider owning, even if you can't see out of it. Winning Lottery Numbers please...

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