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Amsoil to stock fluid and xl-18

I swapped my fluid to Amsoil MTG about 3 months ago in hopes of improved shifting. It was never that bad but I read so many positive threads I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't notice much difference except slightly smoother shifting that lasted about a month before I started getting a buzzing noise at around 2800 rmp in 1st thru 4th (not the normal low speed blender noise). Almost like the buzz sound you get if rest too much weight on the shifter.

Two days ago I changed it back to the Motorcraft dual clutch and XL-18. It shifts noticeably better and the buzzing has been reduced a little but still there.

Anyone know what the buzzing could be? It's not really loud but it's there. I have the barton and steeda bushing btw.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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