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Talk about bringing back memories of my 1980 Chevy Chevette!

4spd manual, no stereo. It did come equipped with the optional all natural A/C through the crank windows, Sunfloor (I had a really nice view of the lane markings through the floor when I would change lanes), interior washer (that same hole in the floor when I hit a water puddle), and the very popular flame throwing exhaust (wind out 3rd gear, bang the 3-4 shift, and a 4 foot long flame would shoot out the tail pipe)scared the hell out of tailgaters on a daily basis!!!

I paid $200 for it in January of 1991. In the next 2 years I made over $40k delivering pizza's in it. I hated the primer gray POS but it ended up being a great investment at the time

I can tell you that I would have been absolutely terrified to take it on a road trip, I was never sure that it would get me back home again (it always did, but still).

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