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Just me get some CRC TB cleaner and MAF cleaner. Then reprogram the TB after taking the negative terminal off and let it sit for 20 minutes before you clean everything up.
To reprogram or calibrate the TB after the new Tune is reprogrammed just bring the key to power but do not start push the accelerator pedal slowly to the floor and hold just a second or 2 then slowly bring to top, or neutral position turn off key wait a couple of seconds then start.

Now some would say return to stock tune then load the updated Tune for the new CAI update and run 93 octane Tune to get your money worth.

The idea behind taking the negative cable off for 20 minutes is to get the adaptive learning reset and it will adapt to the new settings that the Tune brings to the table.

I have done it and just go out and get a little aggressive. I let it warm up a little in this cool weather at idle then go stretch that Pony's legs a little.
You will like the results and getting on the HWY. a breeze. Downshifts to make a nice pass is effortless.

T Wayne
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