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Originally Posted by Gig4Fun View Post
guys..take a look at your paint in the light; look deep to the bottom, (not the surface). I see swirl sand scratches that appear to be from about 180 grit jitterbug sander..... I noticed when my '05 was new it had soft paint. I put a gouge in it from my fingernail. Now the paint has settle down and done its evaporating stuff and looks to have laid into the primer coat without much of a filler coat after sanding. It is something an experienced eye can see... Take a look and let me know if you have the sand scratches....
I test drove a Torch Red Stang the other day at CarMax. The car looked great in the showroom, test drove it & all, but after checking the paint in the sunlight, I saw exactly what you mentioned, swirls & scratches. So didn't buy the car, but yesterday drove 1/2 way across the state (FL) & picked up an 06 Screamin' Yellow GT Convertible in mint condition and no paint issues.

Is the Zaino Total Protection Show car kit the way to go ? Is this stuff any good ? Yellow is a very sensitive color like Torch Red, so I want to make sure I use the best products available.

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